AC/DC are a rock band formed in Sydney in ’73. Everyone loves them, but not all of their singles get the praise that they deserve. Don’t worry, MusicSnake Magazine is here to fill you in on all of the most underrated singles from this legendary rock band that you might be missing out on!

Number One: AC/DC – Go Zone. If you thought Back in Black was the jam to rev you up, wait until you listen to Go Zone. This little boogie-inducing track was a gem of the 1980’s, and is sure to get you on your feet!

Number Two: Guns for Hire. Although this single didn’t sell as well as other AC/DC tracks, it certainly is a historical track for the band. This song is the very last song that was recorded by the full and established band in their prime (1983), before kicking out drummer Phil Rudd. After recording this song, the band also experienced quite a few issues for guitarist Malcolm Young.

Number Three: Stiff Upper Lip. For the fans who stuck by AC/DC even in their hardest times, you are sure to remember the emergence of the wicked awesome Stiff Upper Lip. This track made the girls swoon, and the guitar lovers tingle with the killer guitar solo that made a legend.

Number Four: Can I Sit Next to You Girl? The band first bound together in the summer of ’73, and emergence into the music industry just a year later. One of their very first songs produced was Can I Sit Next to You Girl?, which first aired in Australian in ’74. This unique track is said to be the most influential in the history of this legendary band, as it aiding in developing the distinct musical attitude that they are beloved for today.

Number Five: Sink the Pink. This particular song is often considered by AC/DC fans to be the best of the worst. Although this song appeared on the band’s worst-selling album, Fly on the Wall, it is still considered to be a hit. It was even added into the band’s first compilation, Who Made Who?, with their best hits.

Number Six: Sin City. Considering the talent that overtakes this song, it really is amazing that it never caught on as much as some of AC/DC better selling tracks. With a heart-stopping guitar riff, well put together lyrics, and stage presence, this track is utterly unstoppable.

Number Seven: Overdose. If you really like the unique and sinful stylings of this band, you will fall in love with Overdose. From the sick guitar into that starts this song, fans know right away that this jam will be one of the most energetic, dirty, and full of rebellious attitude. Thanks for reading!

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