There are many exotic hotels in the world, from ice rooms to capsules, from hobbit caves to mirror cubes. But none of them are nearly as unconventional as the ones on this list. Here, we present our list of top seven most extravagant hotels in the world. You will be surprised by what you see.

Number One: The Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho

This unique, pet-friendly, American B&B is located inside the world’s biggest beagle. Owned by a couple of chainsaw artist, the inn was named one of the 20 most fun and exciting places to stay by the London Times!

Number Two: Jules Undersea Lodge, Florida

There are a few underwater resorts in the world (the Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji and the Manta Resort, Tanzania) but the Jules is a little different; it used to be a marine research laboratory. Unlike the previously mentioned hotels, this one is not luxurious at all, and it’s entirely submerged, approximately 30 feet underwater on the ocean floor. The submarine feel of the resort might be too claustrophobic for some guests, but those who enjoy an unconventional stay will definitely love it.

Number Three: Faralda Crane Hotel, The Netherlands

7 Most Extravagant Hotels in the World

Even though it doesn’t sound or look very glamorous, this three-room hotel-crane is one of the most high-end in Amsterdam, and it’s been named the “The most Romantic place to stay on earth.” Hotel guests have access to a heated spa pool with incredible views of the city.

Number Four: Propeller Island City Lodge, Berlin

7 Most Extravagant Hotels in the World

Where to start with this one… Located in Berlin, this contemporary-museum-meets-hotel, defined by its owners as an “habitable work of art,” features over fourty unique rooms, which range from a kaleidoscopic, diamond-shaped, mirror-covered, suite to a coffin room. Nothing is ordinary in this hotel.

Number Five: Solent Fort Hotels, UK – 7 Most Extravagant Hotels in the World

7 Most Extravagant Hotels in the World

No Man’s Fort is an abandoned Victorian fort turned into a secluded hotel. The resort is located right in the middle of the ocean; 1.4 miles from the Isle of Wight and 1 mile from Portsmouth. The master suite is a glass-floored penthouse which occupies the entirety of a lighthouse! Two other similar venues, Horse Sand Fort and Spitbank Fort, can also be booked.

Number Six: Marmara Antalya, Turkey

7 Most Extravagant Hotels in the World

The Marmara Antalya looks just like any other premium resort. Nothing seems out of the ordinary. However, there is one peculiarity to this hotel that can only be appreciated in motion: it rotates. The building floats and revolves in a tank of water for guests to have a constantly changing view of the Mediterranean Sea and the Turkish Falez hills.

Number Seven: Hotel Costa Verde, Costa Rica

7 Most Extravagant Hotels in the World

This resort is located in the middle of the rainforest and it will always be an enthralling place to stay. But the Costa Verde goes beyond your average wooden bungalow and offers a 1965 Boeing 727 to sleep in instead! The retired commercial aircraft is now a two-bedroom, fully equipped, luxurious suite with incredible views of the Caribbean Sea. Thanks for reading!

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