Many of you tried to play a song or watch a video on your iPhones without headphones. Most of you will agree that the overall experience of listening to music that comes from tiny speakers can be better… if it plays louder.

Twenty nine startups participated earlier today during the 500 Startups Demo Day at Westfield San Francisco Centre. One of them was Resonado.

iPhones Will Sound Better Than Studio Speakers - 500 Startups, Resonado  musicsnake magazine

Brian Cho, the CEO of Resonado, started his speech with a joke: “Good afternoon everyone. Do you know what this is? This is a speaker that I ripped off my mom’s car. She still doesn’t know, so let’s keep it that way.”

Then Brian explained to the audience that the same speaker structure has been used for over a century in virtually all sound-emitting products. Resonado brings a totally different approach to the market – the Flat Core Speaker. The Flat Core Speaker creates a thinner, lighter, better sounding speaker. This fully scalable structure allows the company to make speakers of any size and type. The technology will make iPhone speakers sound louder and make cars lighter by decreasing the weight of old school sound systems.

photo by Fred King,

The company is addressing the 16 billion dollar global market by providing corporate clients with unique products. Several of these clients have already expressed interest in buying over $3 million worth of Resonado’s product. The company’s team consists of gurudev engineers, a serial entrepreneur with multiple hardware exits, a trusted manufacturing partner and an advisor who’s credited with the development of Beats headphones and many props by Apple

Resonado’s CEO Brian Cho finished his speech with a very ambitious statement: “It’s just the beginning”. Check out the full pitch in the video below.