Hi. My name is Ruthia. I am the founder and CEO of Renaissance, the exciting new platform that represent the next generation of fan-artist engagement. 

Streaming has increased music listening time significantly. Millennials in the United States listen to music, on average, forty hours a week. Because of this, the amount of money spent on artists has reached an all-time high of twenty three billion dollars a year.

Current platforms in the market today cannot capture the volume of fan engagement, so we decided to build our own. Renaissance synchronizes with your streaming services and gives you digital points every time you listen to your songs. These points can be used to redeem rewards and digital goods – for example, a FaceTime call from your favorite artist! You can also team up with other fans and be a part of this vibrant community.

Within five months, we’ve seen hyper engaged users with over 100 million songs played. Over twenty two thousand monthly active users opened the app on average twelve times a day and our download ratio is even better than Twitter! On the flip side, the artists are excited about the value Renaissance provides to them, including more authentic streams, more revenue from digital and physical goods, and a direct channel to a supportive fan community.

Because our users are so engaged, artists with over 35 million followers have reached out to us, and we have been in conversation with major record labels and music partners. With more artists and fans on board, our goal is to build a global social marketplace that empowers the ongoing support and engagement between fans and artists. We are the best team to take on this challenge because we understand the dynamics of fan behavior and we also have prior experience building top consumer apps including Facebook and TikTok.

If you want to be part of the Modern Renaissance, please come talk to me. Thank you.