Hi I’m Chris, founder of Kiki, the first app that pays you for having fun. We are a social marketplace where you can meet people and share experiences with them. More than 500 million people dislike traditional social media apps because they are losing time and money. But now, we have Kiki, the first social app that shares revenue with the user. With us, you can save money and share experiences.

It is very easy to use. You only have to choose the person you want to meet, select the experience you want to enjoy with him or with her, maybe it is coffee… cinema… dinner…

photo by Fred King (globalmarketing.io)

You only have to pay a small fee. Kiki keeps thirty percent of each transaction and in our second model you have a thirty dollar monthly fee per merchant + 10% of sales. For example, you want to go to the cinema with someone. You suitor might buy tickets on our platform.

We have more than 200K ARR and we’re growing 25% month over month. Where there is nothing in the original market that compares with what we’re doing for hotels or for taxi. Kiki is going to be the next big opportunity because of the more than 20 billion market size. We have a financial team with a lot of experience in this marketplace, we are backed by 500 startups, and we have the support of Tim Draper!

Will you be the next? #letskiki

photo by Fred King (globalmarketing.io)