San Francisco-based producer, entrepreneur and hip-hop artist Frea King, aka MusicSnake, has started a new hip venture. MusicSnake has teamed up with accordionist, Pasha Newmer, a former member of Gogol Bordello, to create a genre bending hip-hop-folk project. Their debut single, Elusive Light, drops on August 31st, available on Apple Music now, and on all other platforms September 9th. The new single has already been featured on all Apple Music News Global hip-hop charts.

The two musicians, who are both from Belarus and met in New York, have decided on simply calling their new project MusicSnake feat. Newmer. They say Elusive Light has folk and hip hop flavors, and tells a metaphorical tale about unattainable dreams. The track’s unusual sound also features unique female vocals throughout choruses.

The duo describes Elusive Light’s sound as “folk hop,” a non-standard fusion of the two genres because of the song’s mix of traditional instrument (the accordion) and hip-hop beats, similar to those in Lil Nas X‘s superhit, “Old Town Road.”

Elusive Light was recorded at Studio Circle Recordings, a studio based in San Mateo, California. Staff at Studio Circle have worked with Ed Sheeran, U2, Dr. Dre’s son, Curtis Young, and others. 

MusicSnake is known for his song “No One Loved Me” that was featured on several music charts in 2018. Pasha Newmer has also starred in the second season of Netflix’s dramedy Master of None, created by Aziz Ansari.