The mustache is one of the most popular styles of facial hair of all time. And it has a history that’s rich in facts most people don’t know. Check out our list of twelve fascinating facts about the popular style of facial hair below.

Number One: The Average Mustache Has 600 Hairs. Men have between 10,000 and 20,000 hairs on their face. Most ‘staches take up about 600 of those hairs.

Number Two: A ‘Stache Turns Gray Before Head Hair Does. If you’re surprised by a few stray gray hairs in your mustache, don’t be – it’s quite normal for gray to show up in a ‘stache before it shows up in the hair on your head. It usually means your hair will start turning gray soon.

Number Three: The Oldest ‘Stache Is From 300 B.C. Historians date the oldest mustache back to 300 B.C. and it belongs to a Scythian horseman. The horseman is depicted with a thick black mustache.

Number Four: Einstein Had One for More Than 50 Years. We are not saying that growing a mustache will make you smarter, but the proof is in the pudding, folks. Albert Einstein had a mustache for more than 50 years!

Number Five: It Can Absorb a Lot of Liquid. Specifically, ‘stache can absorb up to 20% of their own body weight in liquid. Don’t forget to wash your mustache in the shower, guys!

Number Six: MLB Players With Facial Hair Do Better Than Players Without Them. It is true! One study found that, in the finals of the MLB World Series, the team with more overall mustache usually wins. So if you’re pursuing a career in professional baseball, try growing a ‘stache first.

Number Seven: It Can Prevent Cancer. One study at Australia’s University of Southern Queensland found that 90 to 95 percent of those harmful UV rays can be blocked by facial hair. Grow a mustache to live longer!

Number Eight: It Is Illegal to Kiss a Woman in Nevada if You Have a ‘Stache. In Eureka, Nevada, men with mustaches are technically breaking the law every time they kiss a woman.

Number Nine: A ‘Stache Doesn’t Always Match the Hair on Your Head. Though many men’s mustaches do match their hair color, this isn’t always the case. Many mustaches have hairs that differ in pigmentation from the hair on your head.

Number Ten: The Average Man Touches His Mustache 760 Times a Day. Research has shown that in a 24h period, the average man touches his own mustache a staggering 760 times. Many men stroke their mustache while they think or out of habit.

Number Eleven: It Can Offset a Full Head of Hair. While balding is an issue that many aging men face, a man with a clean shave and a full head of hair can look a little silly. If you are in that kind of situation, try growing a subtle mustache to really bring balance to your look.

Number Twelve: It Used to Have Their Own Spoons. In the Victorian era, men would use spoons specifically for their ‘staches while eating soup. The spoons would protect their precious mustaches from absorbing any soup.

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